Our TOP 10 ‘Hidden Treasure’ day trips (Part 1)

Canberra region

One of our favourite things to do is to pour over maps on the lounge room floor looking for a road we haven’t been on and which can be conquered on a weekend day trip.

Our old map with our routes marked - NRMA Canberra & SE NSW Touring Map 2 (1999-2001)

Beloved old map with our routes marked in black

Over twenty years of country lane cruising, dirt bashing and map meandering in the country around the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) we have been some places!  So with not-so-flexi knees now we’ll get down on the rug to scan our beloved map and pick out the best of the ‘hidden’ day trips we’ve enjoyed.

Some of the hidden treasures on our TOP 10 list will be ‘Coming Attractions’ on Daytripper Sippers.


E ven with online maps and our trusty GPS, nothing beats a plane’s-eye view of the whole wonderful region. Like many travellers our map is an ancient one, barely holding together at the folds, where we have traced the roads and tracks we have buggied along. We’ve even had to sketch in some of our routes as it’s only a standard tourist map.

We’ll put our heads together and pick out the best ‘hidden’ day trips we’ve done. Though I can see the debate will go on to well after dinner time!…

In no special order (mostly because agreeing on the list order might never happen):


of the wild and wonderful and mostly unknown or at least definitely unsung


A truly majestic panorama of staggering proportions. Absolutely trumps the view from the popular Federal Highway rest area. We calculated a rise of 179m from the lake flood plain to the highest lookout on the range.

Marked Tree Rd, Lake George Range, New South Wales, Australia

View from Lake George Range

  • Lake George / Weereewa – up close and personal
    Brunch by Lake George on Lake Rd, via Bungendore
    or fish / explore the back of the lake via Taylor’s Creek Rd, Tarago.

Our local knowledge of the back roads will take you to the water’s edge or at least down and dirty with the huge expanse of the lake bed.

  • Hands-on Fossil Tour, at ‘Cooradigbee’, Wee Jasper

(also Careys Cave tour, Wee Jasper, but we haven’t been there yet)

Personalised tours with the property owners. Unique experiences in an awe-inspiring valley. See this detailed information on how to get to Wee Jasper from Canberra.

Unbelievably this narrow dirt road used to be the route taken by the gold escort! Imagine it with a team of horses … and bushrangers Hall, Gilbert and Clarke. Read the story here.

  • Back road from Goulburn to Wombeyan Caves (well, better as a weekender or more)

About 50km north of Goulburn. The caves reserve has great camping facilities, indoor camp kitchen, as well as cabins. A mix of self-guided and guided caves are available. (Note: alternate road from Mittagong not suitable for caravans.)

 TOP 10 ‘Hidden Treasure’ day trips continues in PART 2.


6 comments on “Our TOP 10 ‘Hidden Treasure’ day trips (Part 1)

  1. Theresa says:

    Stunning view 🙂

    • Lake George is fascinating and a mystery, it was dry for many years until 2010. We’ll have to go and look again after the recent rains. It should be fuller now.

    • Theresa says:

      Wow, have you experienced some kind of climate change – more rain then since 2010? or is there no idea at all how it filled up?

    • Lake George is just like that. It can be dry for many years and then will fill when it rains a lot. It’s very shallow and has no outflow because it’s bordered on both sides by ranges. It only empties by evaporation.
      (We had several years of local drought, then from 2010, 2 years of frequent rain. The lake has stayed partially full since. But we’ve had a very dry year again until the last month.)

  2. BeluChi says:

    Wow… I’d love to do all those day trips!!
    Thanks for sharing all this information… There are so many places to discover in beautiful Australia!

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