UPDATES on ‘Popeye’, our rescue cocktoo

Last Saturday, 1st June 2013

To recap, this is what I posted on Facebook about Popeye, the sulphur crested cockatoo, when we found him:

Sulphur crested cockatoos sitting in a wattle tree, Yass Valley 2011

Sulphur crested cockatoos, Yass Valley 2011

In the rain on Saturday, we came across a young cockatoo ‘playing chicken’ on the road near the main street of Yass. He looked bad, was confused and kept walking in circles back into the road. We caught him with a sheet, took him home and put him in a tall box and rang Wildcare. The on-call volunteer advised us to put a piece of wood in the box for him to perch on and to take him to the local bird volunteer in the morning.


For the full story on Popeye to date see the previous post: ‘Popeye’, our rescue cockatoo.


On Sunday, Popeye was awake early and sitting in his box, dry on his wood perch. It was wonderful. He had survived the night.

So – together with his box condo’ – Popeye got an early trip to the local Wildcare volunteers who rehabilitate small animals.


Popeye spent today at the wildlife carers to go to the vet in the morning for a check-up. After their inspection they said he is all dried out but has lost part of his comb [and a couple flight feathers on the left wing]. So it looks like he might have been hit by a car. He was also probably concussed.

We all waited with some concern for Monday morning to come around when the vet would open. Would Popeye be alright? Did he have a more serious injury?


Monday came and, not having heard anything, we wondered how Popeye was faring. Mid morning we rang the Wildcare carers. They were glad we called.

MONDAY UPDATE ON POPEYE, our rescue cockatoo

This is the latest report from the Wildcare volunteers: Good news! …Popeye woke up this morning and started climbing up the large cage he was in!

He had a big feed and drink and called out to his local friends. So the carers opened the cage … and he flew away with them!

Fantastic! You can’t beat that.

Cockatoos feeding on the grass seeds, 2011

Is this Popeye’s family?

We have sulphur-crested cockatoos regularly on our block of land, in the trees and on the grass behind the house. I’d like to think that one day Popeye might drop in to say ‘hi’.

Maybe it’ll be him and his friends screeching as they wheel over the house at sunset. Or more likely, he’ll be perched on our apple trees trying to cut into the nets! But maybe next season we won’t mind.

And Popeye has taught us something. It looks like it’s time for us to do the wildlife first aid course, so we don’t fumble around next time.


Contact Wildcare on 6299 1966 (24/7 helpline) for injured, sick or orphaned native animals in the NSW region surrounding the north and east of the ACT.

Map of Wildcare’s coverage area at http://www.wildcare.com.au/images_global/map.jpg


6 comments on “UPDATES on ‘Popeye’, our rescue cocktoo

  1. nanaj79 says:

    This is lovely Chris! I love cockatoos!

  2. bj says:

    What a wonderful story with a super-happy ending. Thanks for being there!

    • Helping animals is something I feel very strongly about. It’s a have-to.
      I’m very lucky as my favourite garden bench is under the evening flight path for the local birds – just magic.

  3. natarunmore says:

    Wonderful! We don’t have cockatoo’s around here, only in pet stores, sadly. It’s so nice to see pictures of them in the wild. Nice work! 🙂

    • Oh, I didn’t realise cockatoos were sold in pet shops. Here too apparently! I can’t understand it, they are BIG birds (bigger than a football). They screech very loudly (it’s deafening) and they live for 80+ years. Not good as a pet really.
      I’m very lucky that I can sit on my bench in our yard and watch them feed or fly over.

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