We have kangaroos in the top paddock!

The neighbour's cows_2011

Over the back fence

If I look out over the back, through the trees and past the post-and-wire fence, usually I see the neighbour’s cows grazing or milling around in the shade of the gums. But yesterday was different…

The dry, yellow grasses are stunted from a strangely parched spring through to a disappointing autumn. The cold and frosty winter mornings have kept the grasses low. The graziers around here have been hand-feeding for a while.

So in the last months the native birds and animals have been on the move looking for water and pasture, bringing them to feed dangerously on the sides of the roads and into the midst of the houses.

But we’ve had a few good days of light but steady rain in the last week or so. The water tank started to overflow on Monday. With the rain, green shoots have poked through the yellow stubble.

Kangaroos in the top paddock_2013

Kangaroos in the top paddock

So, yesterday when I looked out from my kitchen window to watch the little black cows over the fence, instead I saw a small mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

They can be seen on grassy farmlands and reserves in the region – and I’ve seen them on the hill over yonder, jumping away when startled – but never just over the back fence!

They were just lolling around, a couple of them resting on their sides and the others grazing peacefully, without a care, out in the paddock.

Happy roos in the top paddock!

Happy roos!

It’s even stranger, as it was mid-morning. Normally kangaroos rest under trees during the day and only move about to feed at dusk or dawn and on moonlit nights.

Well, it was overcast, a dull day with low light and scattered showers. The cows were over in the other paddock. And the felt of fine, new grass was sweet and very tempting. Seemed like a good idea to me. ♦

Kangaroos on alert to a noise

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