Creative challenge, new camera

If you’re open to a journey, new destinations will find you.

On his blog, challenges everyone to ‘create something once a day for a week’. So that’s what I’m doing!

Camera on tripod between double set of mirrors.

Fuji to infinity and beyond

This year, my journey began when I went back to ‘school’ after many years to study some journalism. I was cornered into a blogging assignment (groan) … but now, blogging is a whole new wonderful adventure!

Embracing a writing journey, I discovered I loved taking the photos to illustrate my posts just as much! Who knew? So I bought a better camera and, yesterday, a first tripod!

I was looking to learn more about photography so I went on the WordPress ‘Reader’ trail. Along the way I found the blog, the blog of an artist who has gone from zero to sixty in a short time on his creative journey.

Scott’s motivational ‘About Art’* page challenges everyone to jump into the creative process (whatever medium it may be) and ‘create something once a day for a week’.

So that’s what I’m doing! I’m letting my new camera teach me as I have fun exploring what it can do.

Rather than knowing where I’ll end up, I’m happy just to set off and see what I find. Don’t laugh, I don’t know much. But I’m willing to embrace whatever comes my way.

And it is a better camera than I had: a bridge digital camera, not a compact but not a DSLR … well, not yet anyway!

So, off to my week of wonders and wherever-it-will.  ♦


* [‘About Art’,,, retrieved 15 Sep 2013, copyright]


11 comments on “Creative challenge, new camera

  1. artscottnet says:

    Congrats and thanks for the pingback! It was very kind of you to mention my site and even call it ‘motivational’. I wish you all the best on your creative journey with your new camera. Fuji happens to be my favorite brand for everyday use (S8350), I prefer it over any camera I’ve owned, even a Canon DSLR 😉 Cheers ~Scott

    • Actually, thanks to you Scott. Your story and challenge was just the right nudge for me to kick it up a gear. I’ve got big L plates on but I’m seriously enjoying the journey!

  2. Great to hear you’ve got the camera up and running. I’m a big Fuji fan as well. I bought my first bridge camera a few yrs ago and have never looked back. It’s a Fujifilm S8100. As much as I’d love a DSLR they are hugely expensive and I’m not sure I’d have enough time to really make proper use of a camera like that.
    Hope you have loads of fun with yours. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sophie. We’re on leave now so I’m having a great time exploring, driving, walking and taking photos. My kinda heaven. Sadly it’s too cold for the kayak this week. Winter has stolen our Spring.
      The new Fuji is only the S2980. I wanted a cheap way to find out what I’ll want long term, with more zoom and more manual features to play and learn than my little old Canon Powershot! cheerio, CC

  3. Theresa says:

    Hi, thanks for the like on my “Reservoir” pic on my secondary blog 🙂 Good luck on your journey! I had a bridge camera myself before going onto a DSLR 🙂 It was a fine piece of equipment!

  4. Best of luck!!! Doing something new is so good for you!

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