Kookaburra close-up (Camera challenge Day 2)

A bird in the hand is worth…

Two kookaburras, Yass Valley 2013

…two kookaburras in the bush

I wondered what to capture for Day 2 of my camera challenge. While thinking, I set about watering the new trees in the garden.

I walked from pot to rose, rose to tree, with the watering can. But I was distracted, heavy with some bad news we had received.

I was lost in my thoughts but soothed by the fresh air, eucalyptus scent and the twittering Rosellas.

Behind me, suddenly the raucous laughter of two kookaburras broke through the air. They laughed and chuckled sitting side by side on the garden arch.

I stood still, hidden from them by the trees, and listened to them falling over themselves in stitches.

It made me smile.   ♦


4 comments on “Kookaburra close-up (Camera challenge Day 2)

  1. artscottnet says:

    What a joy to be lifted with some bird song… and what a fantastic image you’ve captured! Sorry to hear of bad news — hoping you’ll find a way to come to terms with whatever it is and what a great start to overcoming any negativity is by capturing and appreciating the wonderful life we have all around us… have a great day evening

    • Thanks Scott for your kind words and wishes.
      It’s hard to take things seriously when the two kookaburras are laughing. It always brings me joy.
      It’s been very special this season to have the two nesting nearby. They usually visit one at a time, so to have the two together was rare and a gift in that moment. CC

  2. A.D. Everard says:

    I so love the kookaburras – one of my favourite birds. Not only do they sound so happy, they look fat and healthy and happy, too. I’m glad they lifted yours spirits. I always think of kookaburras as a special sign.

  3. The ookstas are definitely special. And amazing amazing…yesterday there were three! Didn’t have time to get the camera but the picture will always be with me. So special to have them perch outside my writing window.

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