Lounge lizard (Camera challenge Day 6 – tripod)

Eastern bearded dragon lizard on pine log

Our resident lizard

Out in the backyard about a month ago, we were surprised to see a large lizard doing a dance up near the felled tree at the back fence.

It paraded across the yard with its tail and head raised, then it stopped on a dirt patch and bobbed its head up and down.

It moved on some more and did it all again. Strut, tail up, stop, bob the head.

I had the voices of the cartoon chipmunks Chip ‘n’ Dale in my head, picturing our lizard friend was in a quandary and thinking to himself…

‘Is that the log? I think that’s the log.’

‘Yep, that’s the log alright! Time for a snooze.’

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A quick dash inside for the camera, to find the lizard had climbed up our small gum tree near the veggie garden. It was soon clinging to the tallest bare branch near the top, silhouetted against the blue sky…

Of course that was the SD memory card that went bung and we can’t retrieve the photos without paying an exorbitant fee. Bummer.

But then the other day, Lionel the lizard (well, we’re calling it Lionel, but who knows) was back again. At the same log up the back. Taking a nap.

Bearded dragon napping on the log

The lounge lizard

I’ve also come across a smaller bearded dragon sunbaking on the driveway. Not seeing it until the last minute, I got to within a metre or so with the ride-on mower but it wouldn’t move. So in the end I had to drive back round the house the other way.

It’s a hard life for some! As the old Aussie saying goes, Lionel and Lucy are both ‘flat out like a lizard drinking’. *



* ‘Flat out’ means extremely busy working or, sarcastically, it means the opposite (being lazy).

Eastern bearded dragon (Pogona barbata), I think that’s what Lionel is. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know.  

2 comments on “Lounge lizard (Camera challenge Day 6 – tripod)

  1. Dear me! That *is* a large lizard! They do not go after, gulp, ducks, do they?

  2. Your girls can relax, ducks are safe. But the greens might be in danger!
    (The dragons eat leafy greens, beetles and insects, and small lizards.)

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