Fiery sunset. Tribute to the New South Wales ‘firies’

Sunset on Wargeila Rd via Yass, New South Wales 19Oct2013

Sunset on Wargeila Rd via Yass, NSW 19Oct2013

Unfortunately there’s only one reason for this vivid sunset. On Saturday, the smoke from the New South Wales bushfires burning in the Blue Mountains and near Sydney created a thick haze over Yass Valley.

Our thoughts go to the families affected by these fires.

There are no fires in the local area though we had a terrible time of it earlier this year in January. We were lucky, some of our fellow locals not so.

We saw then the tireless and selfless work of the NSW Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Service crews, many of them volunteers. The water bombing helicopters were also flown overhead for days.

They all do such incredible work.

Cobblers Rd fire, Yass Valley, New South Wales, January 2013

Firebombing helicopters filling up in Yass River, Jan 2013

A local café owner organised the donation and delivery of emergency grocery boxes to the families in that fire. For months after the fires also, local charities helped feed volunteer workers. BlazeAid volunteers helped the farmers rebuild stock fences.

People are so generous.

I’m grateful to the people who work to protect us.   ♦


4 comments on “Fiery sunset. Tribute to the New South Wales ‘firies’

  1. fiirvogu says:

    I appreciate so much that Switzerland is untroubled by such terrible fires!

  2. Stay safe down there!!!

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