There’s water in those hills (‘One Shot Wonders’ series)

With New Year resolutions and year-in-reviews ringing in the day, I thought back through my first 6 months of blogging. I realised that I have taken many more photos than these posts could fit.

So during these Summer holidays I will feature my passed-by photos to give them a bit of the spotlight after all.

This will be my ‘One Shot Wonders’ series, one photo posted daily during January.

The fuller weekly post will still be at the end of the week showcasing local happenings and destinations with more photos.

So here’s our first One Shot Wonder…

Good Hope Road, via Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Good Hope Road, leading to Lake Burrinjuck


Good Hope is on the eastern arm of Lake Burrinjuck and only 16.6km from Yass town (about 15 minutes drive). How wonderful is that!

And this is the view from the road down!

The photo was taken in September after some long-awaited rain. Sadly all is very dry and browned off now in the summer heat.

Good Hope has become a regular cruising route for us, especially on sunset. We love to check out the rising and falling height of the lake waters (a water catchment reservoir).

Worth another look I’d say to see where it’s up to at the moment! I can feel another drive down there coming on.

‘One Shot Wonders’ series


2 comments on “There’s water in those hills (‘One Shot Wonders’ series)

  1. Looking forward to seeing the pics in the rest of the series. Happy new year.

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