Clothesline kookaburra (‘One Shot Wonders’)

We’ve had a riot of kookaburras visiting our ‘backyard’ for most of the year! There’s an adult pair, one really ancient and scruffy, and now a new half-grown baby.

One of our visiting Kookaburras perched on the clothesline.

“Hey, I think your clothes are dry.”

Large gum trees tower on the boundary of our block and over in the paddock at the back. One of the adults hunts from a perch on a large stump, then swoops down in the pasture for his catch.

At times the kookaburras hunt from our garden arch, watching the grass in the vacant veggie patch with a steely eye.

Mostly, when they visit the yard behind the house it’s just to rest on the arch, in the shade of the peppercorn tree.

When the ‘kookies’ start their raucous laughter it’s always a delight – whether in the garden or further away in the paddock. You always stop and listen.

Kookaburras laughing!  [ABC Science website]

I think because we don’t have dogs, the local birds use our treed block as a little oasis. We don’t feed the native birds but treat them with fresh water in a hanging bowl and another on a garden table. On hot days we might turn on the sprinkler to give them a hand. 

We have some other nesting birds – crimson rosellas, wattlebirds (the cranky poos), and owls – but we also have a lot of regular drop-ins. Our block is definitely under a flight path!


‘One Shot Wonders’ series

‘Photo taken November 2013

[Audio source: ‘Laughing kookaburra call (Digiffects)’, ABC Science (website),, retrieved 4 Jan 2014]


5 comments on “Clothesline kookaburra (‘One Shot Wonders’)

  1. TTP says:

    Lovely picture!

  2. pilbra says:

    They are there in my back yard all the time, I’m in the Barossa. I hear them morning and night more than I did living in Adelaide

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