A shot in the dark (‘One Shot Wonders’)

Flat-bed farm truck at night, Yass Valley, New South Wales, Australia

Truck surprise!

Out on a winter walk one evening I spent too long taking sunset photos. I found myself scrambling to find the path back home in the near blackness.

The quickest route home was to go cross-country following the wire fences.

I ended up in an unfamiliar paddock, walking between the silhouettes of broad trees and picking my way over the uneven grasses.

I headed toward the town lights knowing that was the right direction.

Against the last glow of the sunset I came across a jumbled assembly of metal. I was curious to make out what it all was. I squatted down to view the shapes in profile. 

There were the dark frames of assorted farm machinery, steel drums and an aged vehicle.

I tried to photograph it all but, with only a compact camera and no tripod, couldn’t produce anything without blur.

Finally there was this shot.


The farm truck appears to be a Nissan Patrol! but it looks ancient. I’m familiar with recent models but I didn’t know the series went back that far.

Does anyone have an idea of the age of this Patrol? I’d love to know more about it.  ♦


‘One Shot Wonders’ series

Photo taken 24 July 2013, on my old Canon Powershot A550(!) – but an interesting subject


12 comments on “A shot in the dark (‘One Shot Wonders’)

  1. […] About a month after I got lost in the dark, I picked up my new camera. So one of the first places I wanted to test it out was back over in that paddock. […]

  2. that is one beaten down truck

  3. Theresa says:

    Ahh! My first digital camera was a Canon A610, fantastic little camera, I passed it on to my brother when I upgraded. I hope one day I’ll get it back, perhaps if he gets another camera. 😀
    I’ve been caught out shooting sunsets/dusk pics aswell, but more by the cold than by darkness.

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