Like a truck in the headlights!

About a month after I got lost in the dark, I picked up my new camera. So one of the first places I wanted to test it out was back over in that paddock.

Just as well I have a good sense of direction. I retraced my steps, following my nose and the fences.

I came across the majestic spreading gum trees again and the jumble of farm machinery. And then there was that beauty of a farm truck!

Old farm truck in the paddock, afternoon light

What a great old ‘paddock basher’!

With more light this time I could see it was a ‘paddock basher’* with an extra spotlight on the front. A great old, solid work-horse! It maybe wouldn’t go very fast but it would go anywhere, I’d say.

Just about every farm has one. For my in-laws it’s a faded yellow Datsun 1500 mini-ute, with column shift. Tough as nails and just keeps going and going and going…

I was so interested in the truck and the tangled pile of rusted cultivators and dropped tree branches that I didn’t even notice the beautiful backdrop(!) … until I got back home.

It’s a pretty stunning view from up there. So I’ll have to go back again and show you.  ♦


* ‘paddock basher’ – a rough vehicle, probably not registered. It might be used for heavy work around a farm or used for joy-riding around the paddocks.

‘One Shot Wonders’ series

Photo taken 24 August 2013


4 comments on “Like a truck in the headlights!

  1. i really like this picture. it reminds me of the classic countryside

  2. pilbra says:

    We sure are the lucky country, those trucks are classic. See plenty out here in paddocks and on the roads

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