Milk or cream? (‘One Shot Wonders’)

Old horse-drawn cream? cart, Rollonin Cafe, Bowning, New South Wales, Australia

Doin’ the can-can

This cart is parked at Rollonin Cafe in Bowning village (New South Wales, Australia).

It brings back memories of the good old days of real milk with cream on top!  ♦


‘One Shot Wonders’ series

Photo taken 4 August 2013, with my old camera Canon Powershot A550

More information

Bowning is just off the Hume Highway, the main road from Sydney to Melbourne, about a 10 minute drive from Yass. 

288.5km from Sydney – 2 hours 55 mins

591.9km from Melbourne – 5 hours 41 mins [google maps]

Another post on Daytripper Sippers about Bowning:

Paddock Perfect: the pastoral way, not the Highway


Rollonin Cafe 144 Bowning Road, Bowning, New South Wales, Australia, (02) 6227 6507

Mon: 08:30 – 16:00
Thu – Sun: 08:30 – 16:00

‘Rollonin Cafe is a traditional slab hut café in the village of Bowning. The Cafe has a country atmosphere and friendly staff. Serving light breakfasts, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.’



7 comments on “Milk or cream? (‘One Shot Wonders’)

  1. pilbra says:

    How long has it been since we had milk with cream on it.
    i remember fighting my sister for the bottled milk to see who gets to the cream first

  2. nice2beme says:

    I remember my grand-grand mother was making the sour-cream from the milk with a special equipment. As for the child of the city it was quite unusual but very exciting process for me)

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