Old forgotten homestead (‘One Shot Wonders’)

A couple of years ago, on one of our ‘explores’ of the farmland and back roads out of town, we suddenly came across this old abandoned homestead. It was one of those ‘Wow, did you see that? Can you go back?’ times.

Pioneer homestead on a road out of Yass town, New South Wales, Australia

‘Forgotten’…but not gone

Tucked way back off the road in a copse of ancient garden and backed by thick scrub, it was a lucky thing I caught sight of it. The afternoon was blackening with a storm and the house was camouflaged in its dark, age-mellowed timbers and brown rusted iron. If it wasn’t winter, I may not have seen the homestead at all as the granddaddy trees would be shading most of the front and back verandas.

Although the stock fence was leaning ready to heave over, and the rabbits and erosion had claimed the best part of the home paddock, oddly the water tank looked fairly modern.

So, I say old and forgotten homestead – not because the house was completely decrepit or in a lost, remote place – but because I don’t remember exactly where the house is.

I know the house is on one of the myriad, crisscrossing roads out of Yass, the roads that were vital to link the farms to town. And probably one of those strangely dog-legged, round about pioneer tracks that were drawn around a property’s boundary and never straightened. But apart from a feeling that it was north-east of Yass, that’s all I’ve got.

I had the name of the road written on a serviette or a car park ticket somewhere but it’s gone. And we’ve kept a look out for the house in the two years since, whenever we go out that way, but we’ve never come across it again.

The photo was taken in the days when it was a surprise I even had a camera with me. I only bought that first digital camera in 2007 to record headstones. (I’m a family history nut.)

So, I’ll keep trying to find the old homestead again. Winter would be the best time.

I’d love to have a wander inside the house, try to soak up the past and sense the lives of those that have lived there. I would love to ask any neighbours what they know about the place. Bet there’d be a few good stories!

If I find the old homestead again I’ll let you know

… if I find it again.  ♦


One Shot Wonders series

Photo taken 1 July 2012, taken with my old Canon Powershot A550

Yass, New South Wales, Australia http://www.yassvalley.com.au/towns-and-villages/yass-town.aspx


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