Aqua vitae (‘One Shot Wonders’)

Water pump, Pye Cottage, Yass Street, Gunning, New South Wales, Australia

The vital drop

Instead of dreaming of a White Christmas, we’re all dreaming of rain.

It has been so hot this summer in our corner of Australia. And not only roaring hot, but endless days of it in a row.

A jump in the river calls like a siren.

I remember longingly the days of no water restrictions when the lawn was green and soft (shameful to think now!). And a sprinkler showered the middle of the yard for the squealing kiddies to run across or dare to sit on – with that fizz sound and a sudden face full of the water jet.

And there were those ice blocks in long plastic tubes, rationed out from the freezer, that left you with a red or green tongue.

Or a trek on hot tar around to the public pool with many hours of duck diving and ‘chasings’ – and more squealing – to walk home again only to become just as hot as you were before, although your fingers were wrinkly and blonde hair was green.

So we’re dreaming of a cool downpour. Or even a shower to settle the dust would do.


As my fervent rain dance, I will post pictures with a water theme this week – of the local rivers, lakes and other places. So bang the drum and sing for rain!  ♦


‘Aqua vitae’ – water of life. ‘One Shot Wonders’ series. 

Water pump at Pye Cottage, Yass Street, Gunning, New South Wales, Australia

Photo taken 11 December 2013, with Fuji FinePix S2980


Gunning, New South Wales, Australia – off the Hume Highway, the main road between Sydney and Melbourne

Map of Gunning

260 km (162 miles) from Sydney

75 km (47 miles) from Canberra [Wikipedia]

37.5 km (29 mins) from Yass [Google Maps]


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