Puddle rock (‘One Shot Wonders’)

After a week and more of stifling, searing, can’t-do-anything heat we headed for the hills!

And it rained!!

My ‘rain dance’ worked!

Hassans Walls Lookout, Lithgow NSW, Australia_2009_16cpyrgt

Sadly, another camera card failure and my photos of our day trip are lost?! (I took emergency photos on an old mobile phone, to be downloaded when I work out how.)

So instead, the photo is of a rock puddle we found while walking at Hassans Walls Lookout in the Blue Mountains, near Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia, at Easter 2009.

So my phone photos might be a surprise lottery windfall for later. Fingers-crossed!*  ♦


Water, ‘One Shot Wonders’ series

Photo taken Easter 2009, with my old Canon PowerShot A550

Another of my photos of Hassan Walls Lookout here and my full post on Hassans Walls here.

* ‘Fingers-crossed’ – hoping for good luck


5 comments on “Puddle rock (‘One Shot Wonders’)

  1. That’s gutting when something in the camera goes wrong.
    When I did a trip on the TransSiberian Railway, my camera creaked and died on Day One. Day One !!!! When I came back I was told it was some unresolveable issue and I should just buy a new camera. So, all my pics on the trip were from a disposable film camera. This was before mobile phones became the do-everything gadgets they are now.
    So, commiserations. But your phone images could turn up some pleasant surprises. Here’s hoping ….

  2. Oh! Poor you, hope you get the mobile phone pics downloaded too….. That looks a nice place even in the rain

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