The Great Australian Bite? (‘One Shot Wonders’)

Hassans Walls Lookout is one of those jaw-dropping, no-words-do-justice kind of place. A place that mesmerizes and leaves you quiet and still.

I couldn’t help but think of the countless feet – with shoes and without – that had walked over the rocks. 

It’s ancient land.

Hassans Walls Lookout, Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia

On this trip to the Blue Mountains, in 2009, we drove the back roads between Oberon, Jenolan Caves, Hartley Valley and Lithgow.

It was our first trip out after a long time. I needed a soul kind of place.

On the drizzly, overcast day, and on this side of the Blue Mountains, there were far less tourists than the more famous Three Sisters and Echo Point at Katoomba. We could stop and take it all in almost undisturbed.

And an added special moment was that we met a local volunteer guide who was just there, happy to show his local pride and have a chat. He had as companion a young female dingo, on a leash, who sat patiently, attentively, for her master.

Seemed right, in this place of all places.  ♦


‘One Shot Wonders’ series

Photo taken Easter 2009, with my old Canon PowerShot A550

Another of my photos of Hassan Walls Lookout here and my full post on Hassans Walls here.

Hassans Walls Reserve in the Blue Mountains, near Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia

Hassans Walls Reserve tourist drive, Lithgow Tourism:

145 km from Sydney CBD (2 hours 4 mins)

287 km from Canberra CBD (4 hours 1 min) [Google Maps]


9 comments on “The Great Australian Bite? (‘One Shot Wonders’)

  1. […] Another of my photos of Hassan Walls Lookout here […]

  2. That view looks amazing. I’m going to have to go there when I’m back in Sydney next.

  3. […] Another of my photos of Hassan Walls Lookout here […]

  4. pilbra says:

    We have such a beautiful country we can not help and be bias

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