Boundary Rider (‘One Shot Wonders’, Fences)

Old wheel fence, Yass River Road, New South Wales, Australia


Also otherwise known as ‘re—cycling’. (…Sorry couldn’t help myself!)


This is the front fence of the house paddock of a Yass River Road property.

We were out for the afternoon to stir up some dust, as usual, and spotted this on our meanders.

We pulled over as far as we could on the narrow-ish dirt road. I clambered up the bank and took some shots, after first bashing the long grass with an even loooonger stick to scare off any lurking browns (snakes).

An intermittent stream of white utes* went up and down the road.

Being the country, everyone slowed down to see if we needed help. With the camera in hand, a one-finger-wave and a nod and the locals went off smiling on their way.  ♦


Fences, ‘One Shot Wonders’

Photo taken 1 November 2013, with Fuji FinePix S2980

Yass River Road, Yass Valley, New South Wales, Australia

This was taken last November after our last main falls of rain. What a difference a few months makes! Long green grass is now one inch yellow stubble.

* ‘utes’ – utility trucks or pick-up trucks


3 comments on “Boundary Rider (‘One Shot Wonders’, Fences)

  1. With thanks and thanks to ‘Dazzler’ for the title of this one! CC

  2. MJWC1 says:

    I have some relatives who live just off Yass River Road and I go past that fence often – only yesterday in fact. Well spotted!

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