The Great Australian Blog awards

We love the very Aussie movie, ‘The Castle’ *, and since watching it we now have the saying:

This is going straight to The Pool Room!

Watch the YouTube clip here


And being Australia Day 2014 I’m going to proudly show you what’s in our Pool Room* – as far as Aussie blogs go – the Great Aussie Blogs that I enjoyed so much during 2013 that they’ve gone into my Aussie Blog Hall of Fame!

So have a ‘coldie’, and pull up a pew, and I’ll show you ’round.*

My list of 10 Great Australian Blogs, stars of the Southern Cross: (in random order)


Bushwalking Blog (2013 Best Australian Blogs finalist, Lifestyle category – Australian Writers’ Centre)

LCP – Leanne Cole Photography

Murray Foote (photography)

Country Life Experiment

Milkwood: Homesteading Skills for City & Country


Vit Peyr (photography)

Quarter Acre Blog (gardening)

Bright and Precious

And there are many other wonderful Aussie blogs out there to be enjoyed. And so many I have found already this year!

Feel free to share below others you love so we can all enjoy them!  ♦


* ‘The Castle’ – movie credits

[Quote from The Castle (motion picture). Dir. Rob Sitch. Perf. Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Stephen Curry, Sophie Lee, Charles “Bud” Tingwell. Working Dog, Village Roadshow Entertainment, 1997.]

* ‘Pool Room’ – room with a Pool Table. ‘Pool’ is a similar game to billiards or snooker – and the preferred game in Australia. It’s played in a lot of pubs and usually has slightly different house rules from place to place.

When in a pub if you want to reserve a game at a pool table you put a small coin (that you can identify as yours) ‘in the queue’ on the edge of the table and games are played in that order.

* ‘a coldie’ – a cold beer

* ‘pull up a pew’ – take a seat


4 comments on “The Great Australian Blog awards

  1. pilbra says:

    love the movie

  2. Leanne Cole says:

    Thank you so much for including me on your list, I really appreciate it. 🙂

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