Kangaroo family portrait

Kangaroo mob in the back paddock, Yass Valley, New South Wales, Australia

Say, “Leaves!”


To celebrate Australia Day (January 26), my ‘One Shot Wonders’ this week will feature some good old Aussie icons.

So today’s Aussie icon is the kangaroo, ‘roo, boomer, Skippy…

There was a well-loved children’s television show in the late ’60s, ‘Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo’. Just about every kid I knew watched it.

My brother even looked like Sonny, the main (human) character from the show and best friend of Skippy.

Following the show, we all tried to whistle with a gum leaf (is that possible?) and thought that kangaroos made that tongue clicking sound. (The reality couldn’t have been more wrong! Ever heard a kangaroo? They grunt and blow air when angry.)

Like Lassie, Skippy always saved the day. Good on ya, Skip!


“Skippy, Skippy, Skippy the bush kangaroo.

Skippy, Skippy, Skippy our friend ever true.”  


Aussie icons, ‘One Shot Wonders’

Photo taken Yass Valley about August 2013, with Fuji FinePix S2980

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo is an Australian television series created by John McCallum, produced from 1966–1968, telling the adventures of a young boy and his intelligent pet kangaroo, and the various visitors to the fictional Waratah National Park in Duffys Forest, near SydneyNew South Wales.

Ninety-one 30-minute episodes were made over the three seasons of production.”


10 comments on “Kangaroo family portrait

  1. pilbra says:

    Oh! that has happened to me here when I go for walks kangaroos and when I go out to my friends place near Kapunda of a night

    • This is part of the mob that comes up to our back fence – about 20 metres from the kitchen window. That’s our wire fence across the photo. They’re in the paddock with the cows and horse, next door.

    • pilbra says:

      That is so great, I’ve been out my friends place and they have had families of roo’s drinking at the water trough. It is so good to be an Australian

  2. TTP says:

    Btw… happy Australian Day CC! 🙂

  3. Ah, that’s a great sight, pilbra.
    Yesterday we saw a ‘kangaroo’ type we’ve never seen before. Along the Murrumbidgee River at Childowlah, near Bookham (New South Wales), where the terrible fires were last year. So pleased to see the wildlife is flourishing again. The ‘kangaroos’ were stockier than an Eastern Grey, with very dark fur. Very heavy set. We think it was a wallaroo. Never seen one before.

  4. TTP says:

    ohohoh… I’ve just saw the little one!, it’s not that little!! poor mum!! 😛

    Regarding the national day in Argentina, 9th July is the ‘Independence’ Day (I think any country is Independent, but let’s say that that day is the Argentinean Day :S )
    But do you know which Argentinean celebration I like more?… every 20th July we celebrate the Friendship Day… it’s quite commercial (which one is not?!) but it’s so nice!!, parks, pubs, beaches… everywhere is plenty of group of friends. That’s my favourite one 🙂

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