Long time, no post

Mailboxes, near Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

Rusty mail

I haven’t been ’round these parts for a while. As my uncle would say,

“I’ve been a bit crook, mate!” *

Or in other Aussie slang:

been under the weather, laid up, laid low, feelin’ a bit off, off-colour,

feelin’ blah, off my feed, off kilter, or a bit iffy!

So I’ve been out of circulation.

I haven’t had the oomph or had the juice to take photos or drive out of town. Well, not much… You can’t keep a good day tripper down! We have done a bit of our usual weekend All Day Breakfast hunting for sure!

So until I get my mojo back again I’ll put up quick posts of just a photo or two … to show you where we’ve been to lately.

There are also more great photos from the ‘Woo Back!’ world record event – some beaut old antique farm machinery and a bullock team – not to mention the crimson winter sunsets, fog bound gum trees, our lovely tenacious winter roses and more happy kookaburras!

Too good to keep to myself!  ♦


Photo taken near Daylesford, Victoria, Australia on a great winter weekend trip 24 June 2013.

*crook – sick; badly made or constructed

to have the oomph / to have the juice – to have the energy; to have the speed

6 comments on “Long time, no post

  1. Hey missed you, glad to see your on the mend 😉

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