Total eclipse of the moon

On the night of the 8th of October the skies were clear on our hill. Our front veranda was a brilliant place to watch the lunar eclipse unfold.

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We live outside a town of only 6,500 people, more than half an hour away from the bright lights of the Australian capital city, Canberra. So we had a clear view in the cold night air.

We watched the moon rise to the right and slowly turn red, then darken, before bursting open to a brilliant white. What a magnificent sight!

I took a series of photos over an hour and a half from 9.30 to 11.00 pm.  ♦

The lunar eclipse series as a gallery:


Weekly Photo Challenge, ‘Refraction’

Photos taken 8 October 2014 with Fuji FinePix S2980

Location: Yass, south eastern New South Wales, Australia


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