Turret on turret (‘Iandra Castle’)


'Mt Oriel' homestead, known locally as Iandra Castle, via Greenthorpe, New South Wales, Australia

When one tower just isn’t enough.

As a youngun visiting my ‘grandparents’ I was fascinated by ‘Iandra Castle’. Iandra sort of backed onto the family sheep property between Young and Grenfell (central New South Wales) in a huge acres kind of way. I was always hoping for that country road detour to visit other rellies and a drive-by look at ‘the castle’.

A few years back we got to wander around inside ‘the castle’ on an open day! Sadly we weren’t allowed up in the turret. Can you imagine how impressive the view is from up there?  


Weekly Photo Challenge, ‘Cherry On Top’


Photo taken with my old Canon Powershot A550

‘Mount Oriel’, commonly known as ‘Iandra Castle’, is the elaborate homestead of the Iandra property near the village of Greenethorpe, New South Wales, Australia. The first home was established from 1880 and completed in 1911 in its current form by Mr George Henry Greene MLC, an Englishman by birth connected to aristocracy. Greene bought 32,000 acres of the poor wooded country, clearing it to grow corn and wheat. He built Iandra up into a very successful enterprise and pioneered share-farming practices. He also built the village of Greenethorpe nearby, for his workers.

‘Iandra Castle’ is located on Iandra Rd, 11 kms from Greenethorpe village, NSW, Australia at 34°04′51″S 148°21′51″E.

It has open days on some long weekends throughout the year. See their website for details.


9 comments on “Turret on turret (‘Iandra Castle’)

  1. Thanks for the grid reference. I’m putting Iandra Castle on my bucket list.

  2. Bye the way, nothing wrong with the Canon Powershot, I still use my Canon Powershot S45 which was my first digital camera. It still does a fabulous job,

  3. Mabel Kwong says:

    Such a charming-looking castle. Sorry to hear that visitors when allowed up to the turret, but at least you got to admire it from afar. The inside must have looked as charming as it looks on the outside, with furniture from another era. Amazing how castles can be such stark reminders of a life that was not that long ago 🙂

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  5. If you went up the turret, you could do that whole “Rapunzel, Rapunzel” thing !

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