Garden surprises

“Spring has sprung and the grass is ris'” …although very damp and soggy! So every morning I smile through the kitchen window.

But what’s popped up in the garden with daylight?

Yesterday it was these…

Purple and yellow iris

The irises have it!

The other day it was these…

A cluster of scarlet tipped yellow bulbs.

Does anyone know what these are called?


But today it was these!!

The neighbours cows in our backyard.

What heifer we here?

They had broken through the wire fence to get at our longish grass!

Well, they mowed it for us, trimmed around the trees even…

Neighbour's Angus cow in our backyard

Better than a 2-stroke!


…and fertilised the lawn to boot!  ♦


Photos 1, 2 taken with tablet. Photos 3, 4 taken with Olympus Stylus s1.


7 comments on “Garden surprises

  1. πŸ˜€ We had a visit of the bovine variety last month: great holes in the lawn… Just been planting my spring bulbs. Are those little crocus? Think I saw similar corms in the garden centre today… Enjoy Spring!

  2. The flowers are beautiful. Lovely to see that spring has sprung in your corner. I’m no good with plant names!

  3. nice2beme says:

    So, as I understand now you have a spring at your place? This is so unusual for me. Now we have cold days and almost waiting for the snow, so no flowers only falling leaves)

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