Halloween Warhol

Halloween wasn’t a thing, but is becoming more of a thing, in Australia.

We won’t get trick or treaters where we live out here. But I thought I would get a little into the spirit.

Problem. Where do you find a pumpkin in Spring?


Pumpkin soup tin by candlelight
What do you think?

Happy Halloween! ūüéÉūüēł

My new Aussie blog: ‘History Head in Walking Boots’

Ein Paar Schuhe (A Pair of Shoes) by Van Gogh - Wikipedia

Ein Paar Schuhe (A Pair of Shoes) by Van Gogh (1887) – Wikipedia


I’ve been happily blogging on Daytripper Sippers¬†about ‘living and wandering on the road less travelled¬†in country Australia’. That’s in the here and now.

But some of my travels have followed in the footsteps of my ancestors. So I have created a new space for sharing those places.

History Head in Walking Boots

I love the stories of people and their lives: everyday people I have come across in history and the people I have found while climbing my family tree. History Head in Walking Boots will share those stories and show the old things I have been given Рas well as the places my history hunting has taken me.


History is a work in progress.

We live in history,

where we walk others have trodden before – and others will again.

The stories from the past and our present are stories for the future.


I am also the story keeper of my family – and having recently lost my elderly¬†father – it’s time to pass on what I have learned, for others.

Learn the stories and pass them on!


Join me on my discovery trail at HISTORY HEAD IN WALKING BOOTS.

Once a week blog –¬†I’m thinking HHinWB will have a once-a-month longer researched topic and the other weeks of the month photo posts or history vignettes and snippets.

I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions for HHinWB as it develops. So drop me a line.

And feel free to fire away any questions. I have a wondering nature, so I love questions. That just gives me an excuse to go hunting again!

I hope you enjoy sharing my discoveries with me!

CC, a Daytripper Sipper and a History Head in Walking Boots


Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Van_Gogh_-_Ein_Paar_Schuhe1.jpeg#file

A weekend of Aussie wonders

Last weekend was a most amazingly diverse kaleidoscope of a few of my very favourite things – from ancient maps and antique ships at two¬†museums…to a light show festival…to the waters of Sydney Harbour…to coffee by a fountain and brunch by a lake!

Ok, they were not all off the beaten track – but sometimes you’ve got to play ‘tourist’ in your own backyard too!

Here is a smattering of the pics I took (although I didn’t¬†take the new camera or¬†tripod, being ‘on the hoof’ and √†¬†la backpack).

It was the most wondrous weekend and it looked something like this:

Friday night: Night session at the ‘Mapping Our World’ exhibition at the National Library of Australia¬†in Canberra

Friday night was one of the special event openings of this exhibition. It was great to be able to wander through after hours.

Many of the maps have never been seen in Australia, some have never been out of their home country. They included:

* the maps made by Captain Cook, who charted the east coast of Australia, paving the way for the penal colony of New South Wales * Matthew Flinders’ instruments and charts * Medieval maps of the ‘known world’ and a few guesses at the unknown * Maps from the 9th to 11th centuries, including a reproduction of the work of Ptolemy from the 2nd century AD.

It was so engrossing, two hours flew by. I was awestruck to see artifacts that are so old and to gain insight into how people viewed the world then.

ENLIGHTEN Festival, Canberra

We then wandered outside in the Parliamentary Triangle to see the national buildings illuminated with intricate slides and patterns. There was a food fair, music and performances in the gardens and parks between the monumental buildings of Canberra. Just magical!

Saturday: Lake Burrinjuck picnic via Good Hope Rd, Yass NSW

Cows grazing on Burrinjuck lakebed, Good Hope Road via Yass, NSW, Australia

Just our little old picnic spot down the road!

After the late night we decided on a lazy picnic at one of our favourite spots. Cue meandering cows, a flock of pelicans soaring and landing on the dwindled lake, a sea eagle overhead, (the only faint hum of) wave jumpers and water skiers, all with a backdrop of an ancient rock wall and a purple, swelling storm front.

Sunday: Drive to Sydney via the Southern Highlands detour, to stay at Ultimo

A great Wotif.com discovery of a large double room with balcony, 2 blocks from the Powerhouse Museum and a nice easy walk past terraced houses and converted historic warehouses to Darling Harbour. All for only AUD $130 per night!

Monday: (Canberra long weekend)

Lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour, wander around Darling Harbour

Sydney Harbour on Fusion lunch cruise

Stunning Sydney Harbour


With some time before our harbour cruise we wandered through the beautiful Chinese Garden of Friendship at Darling Harbour.

Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Then after the cruise we strolled around Darling Harbour some more, having coffee at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe by the brolga fountain, browsed the shops at Harbourside, and pottered around the antique ships moored at the National Maritime Museum.

We’ll be back to Darling Harbour some time as I want to explore inside the Onslow submarine and the replica of the ‘Endeavour’, the ship that Captain Cook sailed to Australia and the Pacific in 1770.

Oh and we bought the obligatory tacky souvenir magnet for the fridge!  ♦

The next few posts will feature these destinations with more photos.


Photos taken with my old Canon Powershot A550, 8-10 March 2014

The Great Australian Blog awards

We love the very Aussie movie, ‘The Castle’ *, and since watching it we now have the saying:

This is going straight to The Pool Room!

Watch the YouTube clip here


And being Australia Day 2014 I’m going to proudly show you what’s in our Pool Room* – as far as Aussie blogs go – the Great Aussie Blogs that I enjoyed so much during 2013 that they’ve gone into my Aussie Blog Hall of Fame!

So have a ‘coldie’, and pull up a pew, and I’ll show you ’round.*

My list of 10 Great Australian Blogs, stars of the Southern Cross: (in random order)


Bushwalking Blog (2013 Best Australian Blogs finalist, Lifestyle category – Australian Writers’ Centre)

LCP – Leanne Cole Photography

Murray Foote (photography)

Country Life Experiment

Milkwood: Homesteading Skills for City & Country


Vit Peyr (photography)

Quarter Acre Blog (gardening)

Bright and Precious

And there are many other wonderful Aussie blogs out there to be enjoyed. And so many I have found already this year!

Feel free to share below others you love so we can all enjoy them!  ‚ô¶


* ‘The Castle’ – movie credits

[Quote from The Castle (motion picture). Dir. Rob Sitch. Perf. Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Stephen Curry, Sophie Lee, Charles “Bud” Tingwell. Working Dog, Village Roadshow Entertainment, 1997.]

* ‘Pool Room’ – room with a Pool Table. ‘Pool’ is a similar game to billiards or snooker – and the preferred game in Australia. It’s played in a lot of pubs and usually has slightly different house rules from place to place.

When in a pub if you want to reserve a game at a pool table you put a small coin (that you can identify as yours) ‘in the queue’ on the edge of the table and games are played in that order.

* ‘a coldie’ – a cold beer

* ‘pull up a pew’ – take a seat

Boundary Rider (‘One Shot Wonders’, Fences)

Old wheel fence, Yass River Road, New South Wales, Australia


Also otherwise known as ‘re—cycling’. (…Sorry couldn’t help myself!)


This is the front fence of the house paddock of a Yass River Road property.

We were out for the afternoon to stir up some dust, as usual, and spotted this on our meanders.

We pulled over as far as we could on the narrow-ish dirt road. I clambered up the bank and took some shots, after first bashing the long grass with an even loooonger stick to scare off any lurking browns (snakes).

An intermittent stream of white utes* went up and down the road.

Being the country, everyone slowed down to see if we needed help. With the camera in hand, a one-finger-wave and a nod and the locals went off smiling on their way.  ♦


Fences, ‘One Shot Wonders’

Photo taken 1 November 2013, with Fuji FinePix S2980

Yass River Road, Yass Valley, New South Wales, Australia

This was taken last November after our last main falls of rain. What a difference a few months makes! Long green grass is now one inch yellow stubble.

* ‘utes’ – utility trucks or pick-up trucks

Lights! Camera! …Santa!!


One of my all-time favourite drives … one I count down sleeps to … is driving around the Christmas lights in town.

And this year the Yass locals have really gotten into the Santa swing of things! They’ve gone all out.

Christmas lights sign, Rossi Street, Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Signs by munchkins point the way

The light displays are bigger, better and brighter! and they include lights on roofs, fences and trees, inflatables of every shape and size, moving glowing reindeer, even disco lights and a TV screen!

A lot of the little shops in the main street create sparkly window displays too. There is a town competition, judged for the best house and the best shop window.

Yass is a very hilly town, like Newcastle (in New South Wales, Australia) or San Francisco, so some of the bedazzling houses can be seen across the river valley from houses on the other side of town! 

Here’s one of my favourite sets of Chrissie lights in town, a cottage up on the hill near the high school. My money’s on it to win! What do you think?

Christmas cottage lights, Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Christmas cottage on the hill

As a newbie, I felt self-conscious hoisting my tripod and Fuji on one shoulder, one foot on the gravel and the other on the dandelion path. But I had a cover story worked out…

If anyone asked me, I was going to say:

‘It’s OK. I’m the elf and safety inspector!’

Enjoy. With jingle cheers to all!

CC, the Daytripper Sipper  ♦

Moving, glowing reindeer

Reindeer, a long way from home

Christmas cottage lights, Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Many shades of ‘Aah!’