River gum nest (Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes)

Here’s my first ever Weekly Photo Challenge, just had to do this one…

We’ve been ‘champing at the bit’ to go for a paddle on the Murrumbidgee River at Jugiong (New South Wales, Australia). Last weekend was our chance.

There’s a great little sandy beach under a towering gum at the end of Dixon Lane.

River gum, Murrumbidgee River, Jugiong, New South Wales, Australia

River gum, a ‘widow maker’


At this spot the river has a handy low-level shore for getting into the kayak.

At its deepest the river was only knee deep, with a sandy bottom, so very easy for us L-plate kayakers. (It’s also a great swimming spot for kids and pets at the moment.)

There are a couple of picnic tables back up the bank near the grass car park. But many noisy possums live in the she-oaks, if you’re thinking about camping!

But a warning: the gum tree above the little beach is a ‘widow maker’ so don’t sit under it in case it drops a deadly branch. In the last storm two sizable branches ended up in the water.

The resident cockatoo was happy, though, as it made a new nest hole for her. She very noisily guards this lovely spot on the river!

River gum, Murrumbidgee River, Jugiong, New South Wales, Australia

Any nest in a storm


River gum (detail), fallen into Murrumbidgee River, Jugiong, New South Wales, Australia

Broke on the water…


And for the three-photo story as a gallery:


Weekly Photo Challenge, ‘Threes’


Photos taken 18 November 2012 (no. 1) and 23 February 2014 (no’s 2 & 3)

with my old Canon PowerShot A550.

Jugiong, New South Wales, Australia

Murrumbidgee River picnic spot, Dixon Lane, off Riverside Drive (Old Hume Highway), Jugiong, New South Wales, Australia

– Turn south off the Hume Highway at Jugiong onto Riverside Drive (Old Hume Highway). In the village, turn left at Dixon Lane, a fenced track that leads to the river. 

Newspaper article on the bushranger days at Jugiong: ‘Jugiong: Historic town on the Hume Highway’, The Age (on-line newspaper), 8 February 2004, http://www.theage.com.au/news/new-south-wales/jugiong/2005/02/17/1108500196919.html


Birds, reflections, evening – Any tips?

This is ‘the one that got away’ – the photo, that is.

Galahs drinking on the Yass River, Joe O'Connor Park, Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Galahs’ ‘Happy hour

A late afternoon coffee, sitting down on the bank of Yass River at Joe O’Connor Park. Just magic!

While we were talking possible kayak launch spots and where you’d cast the fishing line, a flock of pink and grey galahs wheeled shrieking over the bend in the river.

The galahs come up from the river gorge at this time of evening to roost (somewhere?) for the night. We know, they usually fly over our house. You can’t miss them, they’re very noisy. It’s a wonderful spectacle.

So it seemed they’d followed us into town!

They careened over the hill to the park and settled in the old trees on the bank. They found the submerged tree, a good perch with easy access to the water for drinking.

But low light and a fast, flittering, squabbling flock of galahs was beyond my L-plate photography skills. (It was mesmerizing in real life though!)

I can’t wait to get back to the river again. Maybe I can try out the video function to capture them? If only I can herd the galahs back onto that fallen tree!


So do you have any tips for a better photo?

Technical details: Camera Model Name Fuji FinePix S2980   Continue reading