Tomorrow’s fossil (Details)


Leaf imprint in cement path, Riverbank Park, Yass, NSW, Australia

Leaf a good impression!


In about 2000 CE a small town called Yass, in what was then inland Australia, constructed new civil works for connecting a minor waterway to the mercantile centre. At some time during the construction, leaves from nearby trees must have blown across the new pathway.  ♦


Weekly Photo Challenge – Details

Photo taken with my old Canon Powershot A550.

Riverside giant (Photo Challenge: Angular)

Giant eucalypt at Jugiong Creek Reserve, New South Wales, Australia

Giant eucalypt at Jugiong Creek Reserve, New South Wales, Australia


It was a cooler afternoon in late Spring, after so many hot days, so we hit the road!

We had a vague idea to run along the Murrumbidgee River from the village of Jugiong to wherever the end of daylight left us.

The village of Jugiong has been by-passed by the Hume Highway and is a riverside oasis of ancient eucalypts, a traditional veranda-ed pub and one of the best RV camping spots in the region.

It was a birthday and we wanted no fancy restaurants or silver service. The treat for the day was to sit, with a coffee and muffin for afternoon tea, by the banks of the majestic Murrumbidgee River.

We dreamed of another day when we would come back to fish under the pines and paddle the kayak in the gentle ripples – but today we had dirt roads to explore! We hitched the wagon and nosed across the bridge to the paddocks and river banks waiting on the other side.  ♦


Weekly Photo Challenge, ‘Angular’

Photo taken 17 November 2014 with my old Canon Powershot A550

Jugiong, on the Hume Highway and on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River, in southeast New South Wales, Australia

The Long Track Pantry, Riverside Dr, Jugiong

Swimming hole hideaway

One evening in Spring, we drove out with the sunroof open to enjoy the cool air and the last of the daylight.

Our planned destination was Taemas Bridge but not far from Yass we spotted an unknown dirt road sneaking off to the left. The road sign said, “No Through Road” *. So we took it!

The road passed pleasantly between grassed properties and occasional farm houses. We trundled over a small creek or two and crossed cattle grids.

We passed the large properties of ‘Wyemba’ and ‘Ravenswood’ belonging to Cavan Station (owned by Rupert Murdoch), then ‘Boambolo’ and ‘Boambolo North’.

We drove through unfenced paddocks with cattle huddled on the road. The road began to narrow to a rough track so we wondered if we were trespassing on private property. But the white road markers and even yellow traffic signs showed we were still on a public road, though it was hardly recognisable. It looked more like a stock route.

We finally reached the end of the road where the river paddocks were bordered by tall pines.

Boambolo Road, via Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Boambolo beauty. Murrumbidgee River at Boambolo.

We walked the rest of the way to the river, picking our path along sheep tracks, up and down rocky banks gnarled by tree roots. We could hear the water playing over rocks.

The criss-crossing tracks led the way to rocks and rapids, but also sand and clear pools. Frogs boomed at the water’s edge. A lone owl called to us, asking ‘Who? Who?’ we were.

A chance turn down an unknown road had brought us to a most wonderful river hideaway in a hidden valley.

We’ll have to go back to try the swimming hole on a hot day and the fishing on a grey one.  ♦


* a “No Through Road” is a terminating road.

Water, ‘One Shot Wonders’ series

Photo taken 7 October 2013, with Fuji Finepix S2980

Boambolo Road 

Later we learned we had found Boambolo Road, a left turn off Wee Jasper Road, out of Yass town (New South Wales, Australia). It leads to a section of the Murrumbidgee River. 

Map of Boambolo, via Yass, NSW

The sign at the river states that no camping or fires are permitted.

‘Boambolo Section of Murrumbidgee River, Boambolo Road’ was listed on the Register of the National Estate in 1995.  []

Yass tramway B&W (Camera challenge Day 4)

Old tramway bridge over Yass River, in Joe O'Connor Park, Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Heritage on high

On Sunday, wanting to catch the last of the sun, we buggied into town to sit by Yass River.

A picnic rug under the towering cypress(?) pines gave us a view of the river bend. We shared the park with some young blokes fishing and a family walking their dogs.

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