I felt like Winnie the Pooh!


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It occurred to me that the freshly mown grass under the crabapple tree was a very nice place indeed from which to view the blossoms.

The afternoon was warm, the sky very blue, and the blossoms were there just waiting to be admired.

So there was nothing for it but to lie down, face up, knees bent, hands laced together,

and ponder and wonder and mind-wander about nothing really very much at all.

It was such a glorious sight from underneath,

with the blossoms bursting overhead, ruffling white against the blue, blue sky.

And the tree hummed with bees

and smelt of happiness.  ♦


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Winnie-the-Pooh – a teddy bear character in children’s books written by A. A. Milne

Pooh Shepard1928.jpg
[“Pooh Shepard1928“, Illustration to page 3 of Winnie-the-Pooh (1926) by artist E. H. Shepard. Scan from Bibliodyssey. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.]


Long time, no post

Mailboxes, near Daylesford, Victoria, Australia

Rusty mail

I haven’t been ’round these parts for a while. As my uncle would say,

“I’ve been a bit crook, mate!” *

Or in other Aussie slang:

been under the weather, laid up, laid low, feelin’ a bit off, off-colour,

feelin’ blah, off my feed, off kilter, or a bit iffy!

So I’ve been out of circulation.

I haven’t had the oomph or had the juice to take photos or drive out of town. Well, not much… You can’t keep a good day tripper down! We have done a bit of our usual weekend All Day Breakfast hunting for sure!

So until I get my mojo back again I’ll put up quick posts of just a photo or two … to show you where we’ve been to lately.

There are also more great photos from the ‘Woo Back!’ world record event – some beaut old antique farm machinery and a bullock team – not to mention the crimson winter sunsets, fog bound gum trees, our lovely tenacious winter roses and more happy kookaburras!

Too good to keep to myself!  ♦


Photo taken near Daylesford, Victoria, Australia on a great winter weekend trip 24 June 2013.

*crook – sick; badly made or constructed

to have the oomph / to have the juice – to have the energy; to have the speed

That thieving Easter Bunny!

Yes, that wascally wabbit is wobbing our apples!

Wild rabbit dropping by to eat our fallen apples

Robber Rabbit


With a Happy Easter holiday to everyone.

Be safe! And don’t eat too much chocolate!

from CC, the Daytripper Sipper

Convicts in the garden?

Aussie icons series

Old disused veggie garden 2012

When we moved to our land three years ago we set about cleaning up ‘the garden’. It’s 2 and a bit acres, so it’s still very much a work in progress.

Twenty year old trees needed to be thinned, some dead, most crowded. The place had been vacant for a few months so the grass was knee high and the veggie garden overgrown with weeds and blackberries. We are still uncovering and discovering some delightful finds after three years.

But the MOST exciting, the most dumb-struck-speechless-blink-eyes discovery was this:

I was removing the bricks that lined the old veggie beds and stacking them in a pile when I noticed that some I picked up looked very old and worn, handmade, with lumps and bumps.     Continue reading

Lights! Camera! …Santa!!


One of my all-time favourite drives … one I count down sleeps to … is driving around the Christmas lights in town.

And this year the Yass locals have really gotten into the Santa swing of things! They’ve gone all out.

Christmas lights sign, Rossi Street, Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Signs by munchkins point the way

The light displays are bigger, better and brighter! and they include lights on roofs, fences and trees, inflatables of every shape and size, moving glowing reindeer, even disco lights and a TV screen!

A lot of the little shops in the main street create sparkly window displays too. There is a town competition, judged for the best house and the best shop window.

Yass is a very hilly town, like Newcastle (in New South Wales, Australia) or San Francisco, so some of the bedazzling houses can be seen across the river valley from houses on the other side of town! 

Here’s one of my favourite sets of Chrissie lights in town, a cottage up on the hill near the high school. My money’s on it to win! What do you think?

Christmas cottage lights, Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Christmas cottage on the hill

As a newbie, I felt self-conscious hoisting my tripod and Fuji on one shoulder, one foot on the gravel and the other on the dandelion path. But I had a cover story worked out…

If anyone asked me, I was going to say:

‘It’s OK. I’m the elf and safety inspector!’

Enjoy. With jingle cheers to all!

CC, the Daytripper Sipper  ♦

Moving, glowing reindeer

Reindeer, a long way from home

Christmas cottage lights, Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Many shades of ‘Aah!’

Weed me? (Camera challenge Day 7 – macro)

A weed or not?

Yellow garden plant

Mystery plant

I have moved this plant, and its offspring, around the country from house to house, garden to garden for nearly 20 years. I always thought it must be an Australian native plant but now I’m not so sure.

Back then we rented a house in Canberra that had been owned by an Australian native plants crusader. (She even grew seedlings in the bath tub!) Instead of the standard suburban carpet of green, the whole front yard and nature strip (roadside grass strip) had been turned over to a miniature native grassland.

It was dotted with large rocks and native shrubs and a gum tree or two. It was quite something, fairly unusual for suburban gardens then but not unique in Canberra, ‘the bush Capital’.   Continue reading