Garden surprises

“Spring has sprung and the grass is ris'” …although very damp and soggy! So every morning I smile through the kitchen window.

But what’s popped up in the garden with daylight?

Yesterday it was these…

Purple and yellow iris

The irises have it!

The other day it was these…

A cluster of scarlet tipped yellow bulbs.

Does anyone know what these are called?


But today it was these!!

The neighbours cows in our backyard.

What heifer we here?

They had broken through the wire fence to get at our longish grass!

Well, they mowed it for us, trimmed around the trees even…

Neighbour's Angus cow in our backyard

Better than a 2-stroke!


…and fertilised the lawn to boot!  ♦


Photos 1, 2 taken with tablet. Photos 3, 4 taken with Olympus Stylus s1.

Convicts in the garden?

Aussie icons series

Old disused veggie garden 2012

When we moved to our land three years ago we set about cleaning up ‘the garden’. It’s 2 and a bit acres, so it’s still very much a work in progress.

Twenty year old trees needed to be thinned, some dead, most crowded. The place had been vacant for a few months so the grass was knee high and the veggie garden overgrown with weeds and blackberries. We are still uncovering and discovering some delightful finds after three years.

But the MOST exciting, the most dumb-struck-speechless-blink-eyes discovery was this:

I was removing the bricks that lined the old veggie beds and stacking them in a pile when I noticed that some I picked up looked very old and worn, handmade, with lumps and bumps.     Continue reading

The Great Australian Blog awards

We love the very Aussie movie, ‘The Castle’ *, and since watching it we now have the saying:

This is going straight to The Pool Room!

Watch the YouTube clip here


And being Australia Day 2014 I’m going to proudly show you what’s in our Pool Room* – as far as Aussie blogs go – the Great Aussie Blogs that I enjoyed so much during 2013 that they’ve gone into my Aussie Blog Hall of Fame!

So have a ‘coldie’, and pull up a pew, and I’ll show you ’round.*

My list of 10 Great Australian Blogs, stars of the Southern Cross: (in random order)


Bushwalking Blog (2013 Best Australian Blogs finalist, Lifestyle category – Australian Writers’ Centre)

LCP – Leanne Cole Photography

Murray Foote (photography)

Country Life Experiment

Milkwood: Homesteading Skills for City & Country


Vit Peyr (photography)

Quarter Acre Blog (gardening)

Bright and Precious

And there are many other wonderful Aussie blogs out there to be enjoyed. And so many I have found already this year!

Feel free to share below others you love so we can all enjoy them!  ♦


* ‘The Castle’ – movie credits

[Quote from The Castle (motion picture). Dir. Rob Sitch. Perf. Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Stephen Curry, Sophie Lee, Charles “Bud” Tingwell. Working Dog, Village Roadshow Entertainment, 1997.]

* ‘Pool Room’ – room with a Pool Table. ‘Pool’ is a similar game to billiards or snooker – and the preferred game in Australia. It’s played in a lot of pubs and usually has slightly different house rules from place to place.

When in a pub if you want to reserve a game at a pool table you put a small coin (that you can identify as yours) ‘in the queue’ on the edge of the table and games are played in that order.

* ‘a coldie’ – a cold beer

* ‘pull up a pew’ – take a seat

Boundary Rider (‘One Shot Wonders’, Fences)

Old wheel fence, Yass River Road, New South Wales, Australia


Also otherwise known as ‘re—cycling’. (…Sorry couldn’t help myself!)


This is the front fence of the house paddock of a Yass River Road property.

We were out for the afternoon to stir up some dust, as usual, and spotted this on our meanders.

We pulled over as far as we could on the narrow-ish dirt road. I clambered up the bank and took some shots, after first bashing the long grass with an even loooonger stick to scare off any lurking browns (snakes).

An intermittent stream of white utes* went up and down the road.

Being the country, everyone slowed down to see if we needed help. With the camera in hand, a one-finger-wave and a nod and the locals went off smiling on their way.  ♦


Fences, ‘One Shot Wonders’

Photo taken 1 November 2013, with Fuji FinePix S2980

Yass River Road, Yass Valley, New South Wales, Australia

This was taken last November after our last main falls of rain. What a difference a few months makes! Long green grass is now one inch yellow stubble.

* ‘utes’ – utility trucks or pick-up trucks

Weed me? (Camera challenge Day 7 – macro)

A weed or not?

Yellow garden plant

Mystery plant

I have moved this plant, and its offspring, around the country from house to house, garden to garden for nearly 20 years. I always thought it must be an Australian native plant but now I’m not so sure.

Back then we rented a house in Canberra that had been owned by an Australian native plants crusader. (She even grew seedlings in the bath tub!) Instead of the standard suburban carpet of green, the whole front yard and nature strip (roadside grass strip) had been turned over to a miniature native grassland.

It was dotted with large rocks and native shrubs and a gum tree or two. It was quite something, fairly unusual for suburban gardens then but not unique in Canberra, ‘the bush Capital’.   Continue reading